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ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment


Climate Change Institute

The Climate Change Institute's vision is to build and support a cohesive, interactive community of climate change related researchers and teachers at ANU. Our mission is to contribute to climate change solutions through innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to research and teaching, drawing on the wealth of expertise across the University's colleges, and to connect our work to governments, the private sector and civil society.


Fenner School of Environment & Society

The Fenner School of Environment & Society is a focused on interdisciplinary research and education into complex environment and society systems. The school delivers research and education focusing on major and emerging environment society challenges of the 21st century through a unified, integrated, problem driven research program where disciplines and individuals work in fluid teams.


Medical School

The Medical School provides a four year graduate entry medical degree, which investigates four key themes of medicine: medical sciences, clinical skills, population health, and professionalism and leadership. Studying at the school provides a strong basis for students who wish to enter the medical field or conduct further research in medical science.


Research School of Biology

The Research School of Biology carries out research in a wide range of biological and biomedical sciences. It also oversees the University's biology curriculum, with a diverse offering of courses across both undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Research School of Population Health

The Research School of Population Health strives to improve the population's mental and physical health through discovery, education and the translation of research into effective health policy and practice, working on problems in Australia, and internationally (especially countries in the Asia-Pacific region). The school's research and teaching draws on a wide range of disciplines and we build strong links with consumers, communities, practitioners and policy makers.


Research School of Psychology

Psychology is a rapidly evolving research area which impacts on, and provides opportunities across, a range of disciplines. The Research School of Psychology provides students and researchers with an opportunity to explore this growing field through an exciting range of study and research experiences.


The John Curtin School of Medical Research

The John Curtin School of Medical Research is Australia’s national medical research institute. The school is committed to carrying out research in the sciences that underpin the practice of medicine with the aim of bringing clinically useful discoveries into application as soon as possible. In the 50 years since it was established, scientists at the school have made many major discoveries that have contributed towards world health.

ANU College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences


Australian Centre for the Public Awareness of Science

The Australian Centre for the Public Awareness of Science is the world's most diverse academic science communication centre. The centre's programs teach a new generation of highly qualified scientists to become skilled communicators who can engage people with scientific, technological, and medical information that is relevant to them.


Centre for Advanced Microscopy

The Centre for Advanced Microscopy provides the microscopy infrastructure necessary to support frontline research in biological and physical sciences. A range of online and virtual learning spaces are hosted at the centre, with degree programs focusing on microscopy disseminated in both a local and a distance learning basis.


Energy Change Institute

The Energy Change Institute combines leading research and teaching on the technologies, efficiency, policy, law, sociology and economics of moving to a sustainable and dominantly renewable energy future. The ECI facilitates energy research and teaching programmes, and connects ANU energy programmes to industry, policy makers and the wider community.


Mathematical Sciences Institute

The Mathematical Sciences Institute’s purpose is to promote and develop research, teaching and consulting in the mathematical sciences (including mathematics, statistics, mathematical physics and mathematical computation). The institute offers a number of high quality educational and research opportunities, with a range of undergraduate and postgraduate options available for potential students.


Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics

The Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics is Australia’s premier university centre for astronomical research. The school houses the largest group of astronomy researchers in Australia and by almost any measure the best as well. The school’s mission is to advance the observational and theoretical frontiers of astronomy and its enabling technologies, provide national and international leadership and train outstanding scientists


Research School of Chemistry

Chemistry impinges on almost every conceivable form of research activity from biology through physics to astronomy. Accordingly, mastery of the discipline is crucial to understanding developments in almost all aspects of science. The Research School of Chemistry is home to world leading researchers and provides a range of coursework and research opportunities available for anyone interested in this fundamental science.


Research School of Earth Sciences

The Research School of Earth Sciences is a leader in research into the physics, chemistry, material properties and environmental conditions of the Earth. The school is dedicated to understanding the nature of the Earth and its environment. The school offers a range of educational and research opportunities, with geosciences being rated as the top university program in Australia.


Research School of Physics & Engineering

Physics plays a key role in addressing the challenges facing the modern world. The Research School of Physics & Engineering conducts its work with an underlying belief in the fundamental importance of physics to all of science and technology. The school is Australia's largest university based physics research and teaching facility and provides a number of opportunities for potential students and researchers.

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